#ETMOOC Hub Is Like Duct Tape For Our New Year’s Creations


It’s a new year! Getting shaped up for the #ETMOOC

Well it’s officially official. If this works I have my brand spankin’ new WordPress website alexchaucer.com category moocs/etmooc/feed linked into the #ETMOOC hub. I’m looking forward to getting started.

I am MOOC curious Instructional Technologist at a small liberal arts college in upstate NY. My New Years resolution is to learn the guitar, and I fulfilled the New Years cliche and purchased a gym membership. I enjoy skiing and basketball, and I am a natural chef exploring the frontiers of a gluten free world. My niche in instructional technology is mapping and I enjoy trying to find new ways to use smartphones and location in teaching and research.

I probably spend a little too much time with my five year old son. When I taught him about what a New Years resolution is he told me in 2013 he wants to “create things“. We made this:


My 5 Year Old’s 2013 Create

Final thought: Always, Always, Always have a good supply of duct tape around for creative moments with kids.

See you in the #ETMOOC!

Alex Chaucer
You can find me online at alexchaucer.com, and on Twitter @geoparadigm

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