Daily Create: From DS106 Bumper to Solid Gold

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  1. It has been great to see how much gusto you have put into your open DS106 adventure. I found the same excitement last year when I did the Headless13 run and I am still here. Yes, you an do it and I found a great group of people who really want to help us all learn. We help each other as best we can. Sometimes, just by reading a blog post and saying: Somebody is reading and empathising with the toughness and the awesomeness that is this experience. And yes, it always takes longer than we we think! If you are on G+ do join the community there – it is sometimes a little easier than TW to ask for help and there are many communities: Gimp, Photoshop….I don’t know if there is one for Audacity. I will check.

    DS106 Radio and Audio were are real discovery for me – I never imagined I would even enjoy it, let alone now doing a long term show and having done several stand alone ones. I found I love it. I even created I tumblr for all my audio: http://colinpods.tumblr.com Who would have thought it? Enjoy discovering.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment, Mariana. I am happy to hear that you had a similar experience last year. Also, I an can resonate with what you are saying about it taking longer than you think (for most of my Daily Creates so far I had put aside about an hour and they have taken about 3 times that!). Thanks for the suggestion about the G+ community also…in the past I usually have turned to Twitter, but perhaps jumping in and posting questions on G+ will be yet another learning opportunity for me πŸ™‚ (And that’s a great point about technology specific learning communities on G+).

      I agree, that audio discovery was a surprise to me as well, and that is wonderful that you are doing a radio show! I will check out your audio on the tumblr. Hey, did you end up using the bumper on the show? Do all the shows get archived somewhere? I am still new to the ds106 radio but open to learning more!


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