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I was so fast that everything I ran over burst into flames…

So, just got back from FOSS4G in Portland, OR. One of the things that I wanted to try was to visualize a run using the “torque” visualization wizard in CartoDB. Here’s how I did it.
I captured my tracks using Motion-X GPS on the Iphone 4S, and I had the tracks emailed to me as a GPX and Kml files. Logged in, and uploaded the GPX file to CartoDB.

Next, I used the visualization wizard called “torque”. This uses the time/date stamp on a trackfile to animate the track. I played with the styling of the torque animation, and played with the basemap options to come up with the map above.

Takeaway: CartoDB has some really nice digital cartography, and the tools are also fairly simple and straightforward. I really think that the design of the tool and the final product make it a winner, especially for map data visualization that has time as a component. Enjoy!